On this page, you will find a review about two of the bands I used to play in.

After that there is a list of 1,000 best Rock songs of all times (under construction).

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Auf dieser Seite gibt es einen Rückblick auf zwei Bands in denen ich mitgespielt habe.

Anschließend folgt eine Liste von 1.000 besten Rocksongs aller Zeiten (in Bearbeitung).

Da hier sehr viele Fotos, z.T. in Übergröße und recht hoher Auflösung zu sehen sind, mag es - abhängig von der Übertragungsrate der verwendeten Internetverbindung - eine Weile dauern, bis sich alles auf der Seite aufgebaut hat. Bitte zunächst diesen Text mit dem unteren, horizontalen, blauen Schieber zentrieren und dann mit dem vertikalen Schieber Stück für Stück herunterscrollen, um alles komfortabel sehen zu können. Viel Spass!



Last Band (1996 -1998):


[Power Pop in German]


The Flyer



The Rehearsal Room Band Photo Session, Bonn Bad Godesberg

The Recording Studio




The CD




First Band (1991 - 1995): 


[Melodic Hardrock]


The Poster




The CD


The First Band Photos




First Gig Ever: Live at "Jazz Club Session", Bonn City, Sat. 25/01/1992


Concert at Rock Discotheque "Rock On", Bonn Bad Godesberg



The Rehearsal Room Band Photo Session, Wachtberg Niederbachem


! The Best 1000 Rock Songs Of All Times !

Even if I'm not doing any active music myself anymore for many years (shame on me :-( and good on them who keep on rockin'...!): During the process of creating an own website, it was obvious to me from the start on, that music has such an important meaning for my life that it definitely deserves its own category. The next question was what to put in.

What I'm intending to develop is a sort of "Sharing Great Tastes" platform, - lists of the best imaginable songs, which are really really melodic, mainstream but not kitschy, intelligently composed, have a fantastic hook-line, great lyrics, groove and all these criteria - in one word, which are really GREAT; I mean, a 10 out of a zero to ten scale (or at least a tendency to that) - ideally milestones in the Rock history.

Maybe in a few years, we might have the technology in an affordable, completely legal way, that everyone can not only see the written title in lists like this but easily click on them, listen, download and share them ... but for today, its already a wonderful satisfaction to contribute in filling a mentioned gap here in the simple written way ... It's easy enough to get the music, anyway. These thoughts have led me to the following:

In New Zealand, there's a very popular Radio station called "The Rock". Every year, they promote a special campaign to let their listeners vote for "The best 1000 Rock songs ever".

I think, it's a funny, special idea - good on them. The only problem is: One has to vote online from already prepared lists, which basically reflect the songs that are played on their program anyway! So it's a strange way of manipulation with the result that hundreds and hundreds of songs, so-called "voted by you" are an absolute crab which in fact shall be promoted for whatever (commercial) reason. Only the very last dozens of songs usually reflect real quality. Year after year, it's very annoying, that we need to listen all day long through a weird selection of songs for many days, before it's getting relieving and better and better and finally even really good! Even Paul"The Axe"Martin, the radio host of The Rock's every Sunday three hours lasting Metal radio show "The Axe Attack", completely agrees on what I'm saying here (and he's a staff member of the very same radio station ...!). As a consequence of that, Paul and I once agreed to do our own lists! Again, I really like the idea (thanks to "The Rock") - just the realization was totally lacking quality. But one can not only criticise - one actually need to do it better.

And here's the result of an alternative list (under construction). This is totally independent of what others want us to hear but ONLY committed to one single criteria: Quality!

I'm eagerly anticipating feedback, comments, ideas, suggestions and interesting discussions in the guest book :-) !

  1. November Rain - GUNS'N'ROSES
  2. Stairway To Heaven - LED ZEPPELIN
  3. Hotel California - THE EAGLES
  4. Hey Joe - THE HAMSTERS
  5. Don't Talk To Strangers - RONNIE JAMES DIO
  6. Child In Time - DEEP PURPLE
  7. Take It On The Run (Live) - REO Speedwagon
  8. We Are The Champions - QUEEN
  9. Revelations - IRON MAIDEN
  10. Hallowed Be Thy Name - IRON MAIDEN
  11. Children Of The Sea - BLACK SABBATH
  12. When A Blind Man Cries (Live) - DEEP PURPLE
  13. No One Like You - THE SCORPIONS
  14. Wish You Were Here - PINK FLOYD
  15. Comfortably Numb - PINK FLOYD
  16. I Want It All - QUEEN